Guide to minis

Each Flatminis package contains one PVC sticker with precut miniature shape, one lasercut plastic core to make the miniature stiff and resistant to bending and one clear plastic 20 mm base.


Plastic miniatures require special tools, precise assembly and some extra care to store and use them. Not to mention the painting, which is an area of expertise of its own. Paper miniatures require a color printer and a good hand coordination to cut them out. Most available images are low or medium quality. And then there is the paper or cardboard issue – it’s flimsy, easily tears or bends and constantly steals your attention from actual gaming.
Flatminis come as full set, needed to deploy your character on the table. It requires no tools or preparation to set them ready. They are extra high quality (600 dpi) full color images drawn by professional artists. Flatminis can recreate poses, effects and elements that standard miniatures would be able to and the variety of characters is only limited by imagination. The miniature surface is covered with extra layer of protection that makes them highly resistant to scratch. The core is made from special type of plastic that does not have a memory effect and becomes flat again even after banding the miniature in half. They can literally travel with you in your pocket, wallet or dice bag and enjoy every adventure thrown at them.

Here are 8 easy steps:
1. Take everything out of the package:

2. Peel off the protection film from the plastic core:

3. Peel off the miniature sticker off the card:

4. Check which side of the core matches the sticker, lay the sticker on the table and put the core on the middle of the sticker (it is indicated by two dotted lines):

5. Take the miniature to your hands and stick one sticker side to the core while checking, that it matches the edges. Don’t be afraid to peel the sticker off the core and adjust it in case you are not satisfied with the result (the sticker can handle multiple attempts):

6. Stick the other side of the sticker to the core in the same way and apply some pressure / rubbing with fingers on the miniature surface, so that the sticker is there to stay:

7. Insert the miniature into the base:

8. Roll your dice!

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We use snail mail express services to ship the orders. It takes ~1 week to reach you in EU and 2-4 weeks to reach you overseas. The costs to ship minis to EU are 3 EUR for the first item and 0.5 EUR for each additional item. The costs to ship minis overseas are 5 EUR for the first item and 0.5 EUR for each additional item. We do not send separate confirmation emails with tracking numbers, but if you feel that your shipment is running late, feel free to contact us and we will check its whereabouts.

Oh yes we can. We can make a single exclusive miniature for your game or create a line of miniatures for a game that you created just the same. Contact us to discuss the details.